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Rift Valley and Bale Mountains National Park

About this Tour

This tour is ideal for travelers who want to visit the Great Rift Valley and the majestic Bale Mountains with breath-taking landscapes and a very diverse animal- and bird life. The tour may be perfectly combined with another Ethiopia tour or for example a beach holiday on Zanzibar or the Seychelles

  1. Overnight at the Rift Valley lakes of Langano and Hawassa in beautiful nature and with a diverse animal- and bird life.
  2. Breath-taking landscapes in the Bale National Park 4000m above sea level with numerous endemic animal- and bird species. The best place in Ethiopia to observe the endangered Ethiopian wolf.
  3. Overnight in the Aregash Lodge in Yirgalem, a beautiful nature retreat where numerous animal- and bird species may be observed. Moreover, a local community may be visited with insights into the local coffee- and honey production.

Lake Langano

Hara Langano Lodge is an eco-lodge beautifully situated within genuinely preserved nature.


Bale National Park

The Bale Mountain National Park, the second national park in Ethiopia underway to be become soon an UNESCO world nature site due to its stunning landscapes, rich flora and fauna.



The capital town of the Sidama and nicknamed as “The town of endless Love”. 


Addis Ababa, Bole k/ketema, Wereda-10


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