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Northern Ethiopia

About this Tour

This tour is ideal for travelers who want to explore the highlights of Northern Ethiopia with sufficient time and partly “off the beaten track”.

  1. Spectacular landscape around Ankober, where emperor Menelik once had his palace, with breath-taking views over the Rift Valley.
  2. Visits to the markets of Senbete and Bati, the biggest and most colourful markets in Northern Ethiopia.
  3. Blue Nile Falls, Bahir Dar
  4. Boat trip on lake Tana with unique island monasteries and nature (animal viewing- and excellent birding)
  5. Former imperial town of Gondar (UNESCO world heritage site)
  6. Breath-taking landscapes of the Simien Mountains with numerous endemic animals (UNESCO world natural site)
  7. Former imperial town of Axum with many relics of a several thousand-year-old civilizations (UNESCO world heritage site)
  8. Trekking to the famous rock-hewn churches of Tigray in the Gheralta Mountains
  9. Lalibela, the unofficial 8th wonder of the world (UNESCO world heritage site)


The Ankober, which has been built exactly in the place where emperor Menelik once had his palace



The Lalibela rock hewn churches are physically carved from the rock on which they stand. These towering edifices seem to be a superhuman creation in scale, workmanship and concept. Some are sculptured out of a solid volcanic rock, others are connected by long underground tunnel and mazes. Some are quarried enlargements of caves.


The Simien Mountains National Park

Due to its unique landscape and its endemic fauna the park has been declared a UNESCO world nature heritage site in 1996. In the park, you may experience the very close interaction with the friendly Gelada Baboons.


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